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The AMR has been largely replaced by the communications network riser (CNR) slot (see Figure CD.2), a longer design that can support up to six-channel audio, S/PDIF digital audio, and home networking functions. A number of vendors are using the CNR slot to implement high-quality integrated audio as shown in Figure CD.3.

AMR/CNR slots? | Hardware Central Forum - Join 50k+ Members Hi. A quickie here... What are AMR and CNR slots? What cards are used in there? Thanx.. Communications and networking riser - Wikipedia Communications and networking riser (CNR) ... or modem functionality in any combination on a CNR card. CNR slots were once ... As with AMR, CNR had the cost savings ... Cnr Slot Definition -

Communications and networking riser - Wikipedia

Várias placas de CPU mais recentes possuem conectores que possibilitam a instalação de um riser card, são os chamados de slots AMR. CNR e ACR. O riser  ... Definicion de Ranura AMR - Alegsa Definición de ranura amr: El audio/modem rise, también conocido como slot ... AMR, y CNR, están hoy obsoletas en favor de los componentes embebidos y los  ...

Communications and Networking Riser

AMR resources help prepare you for medical emergencies. Visit our knowledge center, eLearning events and other resources for more information. modem driver for CNR/AMR...? - Does it matter whether it's an AMR or CNR card? The board came with AMR drivers but the slot on the board is a CNR slot! I haver an AMR slot on an nForce2 board, and it's blue and kind of like a PCI slot; that's not how the modem slot on the board works. Cnr Slots Wikipedia - It was mainly developed by leading hardware and software developers who helped release the AMR (Audio Modem Riser) slot. In the picture below is an example of a CNR slot, which is labeled as "CNR_SLOT" on this motherboard. Blackjack Lucky Ladies Counting Sample Page for School of ObjectiveAMR SLOT - CPUs - Tom's HardwareWhat are AMR/ACR/CNR slots?

Intel developed the CNR slot to replace its own Audio/modem riser (AMR) technology, drawing on two distinct advantages over the AMR slot it replaced; CNR ...

AMR = Audio Modem Riser CNR = Communications/Network Riser IMO, and from what I've read: 1) cheap and cheerful ways of adding audio/modem/network capabilities via software on the mobo. 2) useless as hell, since you can't find AMR/CNR devices commercially; they're more for OEM guys upstream.